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​Seamless Frame

New era of frame with fully transparent edge

True Seamless frame is a bespoke handicrafts wall-mounted frame with fully transparent edge. With the high quality of material, precision details, light transmission effect and nearly invisible edge, the function of frame is far beyond protection. The true seamless frame redefines the way art displays, enhance the artistic value of artwork. Giving artist a better choice with a new interpretation and it could enrich our living space. 

Our 700mm diameter acrylic puzzle frame prefectly fits to circular puzzle in 26.5 inch.


Release the Beauty of framed art
The types of drawing and puzzle frame is scant on market. Only solid colour and magnetic frame can be found. Moreover, the standard size of frame also bounds the beauty of artwork, which limits to way of art exhibit. We believe any solid frame for both The moon and The earth puzzle would bring opposite impact to the beauty of puzzle.


Redefine the role of frame
We rethink and redefine the role of frame, redesign the details of joints, the installation methods, and material selection and assembly composition. We take this challenge from imagination to reality with countless test and failures. We believe that the True Seamless frame provides an innovative and borderless option for artists to exhibit the beauty of masterpieces.

Light Transmission

Taking advantage of high light transmission value, an unexpected edge lighting effects happens once sufficient light from surrounding light sources refracts with the acrylic base, which enrich the aesthetic value of the art display(this effect depends on the distance and intensity of the light source.)

​Great Clarity

Acrylic plastic remains transparent as it gets older without excessive yellow tinting. This is extremely important for applications that are for art exhibition. More fade-resistant than other plastics, acrylic plastic’s light transmittance is equal to glass while providing the same aesthetic appearance for a more reliable, long-term result.

​Precision Production

The super clear transparent edge is manufactured by high-precision industrial CNC machine. The edge of frame is polished by hands for safety concern. The transparent cover is prepared by laser cutting machine with high quality acrylic.

​Crafted Detail

By high operator skilled labour and with advanced equipment, flame polishing edge treatment eliminates the frosty appearance after being router cut, that make looks awesome for those bespoke product.

​Storage Puzzle In Progress

More than display and protection, seamless frame is a great tool to move and store a puzzle in progress, putting the puzzles together on the large surface of acrylic base, then sandwiches it with arcylic plate on top.

​Simply maintenance

When cleaning acrylic that has slight blemishes and dirt it is recommended to use a wet microfiber cloth and blot the material. Additionally, it’s important to ensure particles and grit are completely removed from your cleaning cloth, as accidentally rubbing rough dirt or unwanted particles can cause acrylic to further scratch. The gentler you are when cleaning acrylic, the better.

​Easy Installation

With several simple steps of assembly, artworks would be framed and wall mounted on the wall with given material and tool.

​Flexible Shipping

Consideriing the shipping cost, shipping time and huge volume of seamlesss frame, we provides three type of shipping plan for your consideration.